Top 10 Creepiest Cars in Film to watch this Halloween

Top 10 Creepiest Cars in Film to watch this Halloween

Creepy kids, terrifying serial killers and paranormal protagonists take the lead in most horror films but what about their vehicles? Do they give us the creeps as much as their drivers?

It’s spooky season and as many of us hibernate on the sofa for a horror movie marathon we reveal the creepiest cars in Halloween films.

Scoring iconic movie vehicles based on their sentience, murderability, and break horsepower, what do you think of our top 10 creepiest cars?

To establish our leaderboard, we invented our own scoring system:

  • Sentience – we based this on how aware the cars were of the murders. Haunted and possessed cars scored higher than cars that were driven by a maniac.
  • Murderability – total kill counts from each film, the more people killed, the higher the murderability score. However, kill counts varied from film to film depending on whether the vehicles were responsible for the killings, another character was, or it was ambiguous.
  • Power – is based on the brake horsepower (BHP) of the creepy vehicle featured, the higher the BHP the higher the power score awarded.


RankCarMovieSentienceMurderabilityPower BHPPower ScoreTotal Creepy Score
11981 Western Star 4800Maximum Overdrive (1986)10104001030
21958 Plymouth FuryChristine (1983)1010290828
31971 Lincoln Continental Mark IIIThe Car (1977)99365927
4Komatsu D355A BulldozerKilldozer (1974)754101022
51986 Dodge M4SThe Wraith (1986)554401020
6Plymouth Valiant TankerDuel (1971)93180719
71951 Packard Funeral Coach HenneyThe Hearse (1980)82180717
81972 Cadillac EldoradoHighwaymen (2004)34235815
91941 Chevrolet Cab Over EngineJeepers Creepers (2001)1888514
101951 Cadillac Funeral CoachDead End (2003)16160613

So there you have it, the 1981 Western Star 4800 in Stephen King’s much revered, Maximum Overdrive takes the top spot in our creepiest vehicles in horror films.

What else do you think needs adding to the list?