Car Finance On Benefits With Bad Credit

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Car Finance for People on Benefits with Bad Credit

Being on benefits doesn’t mean you can’t get car finance, even if you have bad credit. Many people think that if you are receiving benefits then your income is not credible when it comes to getting a car loan. As Bad Credit Car Finance experts we understand that some people on benefits have a steady income and we welcome those people to apply for car finance with us.

We can cater for people who have an income which consists of benefits. Unlike some other lenders, we take this into account when calculating your income. We can also help if you have experienced bad credit too.

All circumstances are considered – Benefits, CCJs, defaults, arrears, self-employed – Whatever your circumstances we could help you. You can choose from a wide selection of quality used cars from our list of approved dealers throughout the UK.


Our decisions are made by real people, not solely based on a computer score which means we can look at your current financial situation and take into consideration any benefits that you may receive and if you have experienced bad credit in the past.

Repayment plans are worked out on affordability, after all other outgoings have been accounted for and every case is dealt with on an individual basis. We don’t have the same acceptance criteria as other mainstream lenders, so even if you have been declined elsewhere for bad credit, we could help you get the finance you need for the car you want.


What type of benefits do we accept as income?

• Income Support
• Child Tax Credits
• Working Tax Credits
• Housing Benefits
• Disability Allowance (DLA)
• Carers Allowance
• Personal Independent Payment (PIP)


To apply for car finance through ourselves please note that if you are unemployed you must receive DLA (Disability Allowance) or PIP (Personal Independence Payment) in addition to any other benefits to be considered for a loan.