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29% APR:
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Loan Amounts over £10,000 are only available with 29% APR and 40% APR Finance.
Loan Amounts under £4,000 are only available with 40% APR and 49% APR Finance.
Loan Terms over 48 months are only available with 29% APR and 40% APR Finance.
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Representative example – Total amount of credit £9,000, annual interest rate 21.75% (fixed), charge for credit £10,092.32 (£9,787.32 interest, £295 admin fee and £10 option to purchase fee), total amount payable £19,092.32. Loan term of 60 monthly instalments, 59 payments of £318.04 and 1 final instalment of £328.04. 40.9% Representative APR – Subject to status and affordability


Car Finance and Car Loans

We specialise in helping people secure finance who may have been refused a car loan by other lenders.

This could be due to wanting to include your benefits as an income on your loan application, or not having to come up with a deposit for your next car.

We use black box technology to help our customers get back on the road to better credit.

If you are looking for car finance despite a poor credit history, we could help!

How our car finance works

Apply for car finance through our website by completing our straightforward car finance application form.

We will review your application. Once conditionally approved for car finance we will provide you with a provisional credit limit.

We will help you find the perfect car for your circumstances through a dealer from our approved network.

Sign the paperwork online and then it’s time to drive away your new car.

Why choose Go Car Credit for your car finance

We are specialists in helping people secure hire purchase car finance if they have a less than perfect credit profile.

We are rated excellent on independent review site Trustpilot.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

We have dealers nationwide, meaning we can help you find the perfect car at the perfect price.

Frequently asked questions

What is Hire Purchase Car Finance?

Hire Purchase is one of the most common types of finance, it is really simple – you hire the vehicle and make fixed monthly repayments until you have paid off all of the agreed finance.

There are no surprises at the end of your agreement such as balloon payments or mileage restrictions.

The entire car price is spread across your agreement term and once all monthly payments have been made the car becomes yours, making it one sensible option for borrowing.

Will I qualify for Car Finance with Go Car Credit?

Have you been refused car finance due to bad credit? Don’t worry it does not mean that you can’t get car finance!

Many of our customers have been refused car finance from mainstream lenders because of poor or bad credit history.

Apply via our online application form to find out if we can help you secure the finance you need for your next car purchase.

How much can I borrow?

We can offer loans from £3,000 to £15,000. Use our car finance calculator to see what your fixed monthly payments would be.

How do I apply for car finance?

You can apply for finance direct via our website. Just fill in our application form, it takes less than 2 minutes!

What is your lending criteria?

  • •You are a UK resident for at least 3 years. (We are unable to provide finance for those living in N.Ireland)
  • • You have a full UK Driving Licence.
  • • Your income is over £1500 and paid directly into a UK bank account.
  • • You are able to provide 2 months consecutive pay slips or if self-employed, 3 months consecutive bank statements.
  • • You are over 25.
  • • You are not in an active bankruptcy or debt relief order.

I have got bad credit, will I still get approved?

We are specialists in providing car finance to people who have experienced bad credit in the past.

Our customers are never judged solely on their credit history. Instead, decisions are based on a blend of science and human judgement to understand whether the repayment schedule will be manageable for the customer.

This approach allows us to consider any extenuating circumstances such as a bad credit history, self-employment or any previous mortgage or council tax arrears and view you as an individual, not just a number.

Do you do guarantor car finance?

We do not offer guarantor finance, but we do help people who may have experienced problems getting finance in the past.

Can I get car finance if I am on benefits?

Yes, you could. Unlike some mainstream lenders we take benefits into consideration when reviewing your income. For more information about on this, visit our Car Finance for People on Benefits page.

Can I choose any car?

There is criteria that has to be met such as maximum mileage restrictions and maximum age of vehicle restrictions.

We can help you source the car you want from one of our reputable dealers across the UK.

All of our dealers are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

By only choosing dealers that are FCA regulated reinforces our high standards of service to our customers.

Why is your APR higher than other lenders who offer car finance?

We specialise in providing finance to individuals who have struggled to obtain credit. We charge a higher APR on our finance products because we serve the sector of the community, which are usually excluded from conventional lending and our customers are seen to be a higher risk by other lenders.

We would suggest you think about the costs associated with your choice of car such as fuel, insurance, tax, MOT, servicing and maintenance costs, as these will all have an influence on the affordability of the vehicle. The finance is secured on the vehicle, so if you don’t keep up with the monthly repayments, Go Car Credit can repossess the car. Failure to make payments can also affect your credit report.


Following the recent news that the FCA is investigating the use of discretionary commission arrangements, we are pleased to announce that Go Car Credit has never engaged in these type of commission arrangements. Therefore our customers are not impacted.

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