Can you get car finance with a CCJ?

car finance with a ccj

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40.9% Representative APR -
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Yes, it is possible to get car finance with a CCJ.

If you have a County Court judgment (CCJ) and are worried about trying to get car finance, Go Car Credit may be able to help. Understanding how your CCJ affects your credit file and application could improve your chances of finding a car finance deal that suits you.

What is a CCJ?

A County Court Judgment, or CCJ, is a court order that’s issued to you if you don’t repay debts on time as per a finance agreement. Once a CCJ is issued, it will stay on your credit report for six years. This will serve as evidence of poor money management, meaning that most lenders will see you as a risk.

Whether you’re looking to take out car finance, a mortgage or even a phone contract, many lenders or finance companies may be less likely to give you a loan.

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Representative example – Total amount of credit £9,000, annual interest rate 21.75% (fixed), charge for credit £10,092.32 (£9,787.32 interest, £295 admin fee and £10 option to purchase fee), total amount payable £19,092.32. Loan term of 60 monthly instalments, 59 payments of £318.04 and 1 final instalment of £328.04. 40.9% Representative APR – Subject to status and affordability

Can I get car finance with a CCJ?

It may be more difficult to find a lender that will help you with car finance when you have a CCJ as you’ll likely be considered to have bad credit, however, there are some companies out there who will look at your bigger financial picture and circumstances.

As most providers are automatically put off by bad credit on your credit file, especially if decisions are made by an algorithm or computer, you may think that by having a CCJ your chances of securing finance for a new or used set of wheels are ruined. At Go Car Credit, that may not always the case.

We specialise in helping those with poor or adverse credit histories secure loans for purchasing their next vehicle. Whether you’ve got a CCJ (County Court Judgement), previous IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) or a defaulted payment on your file, we may be able to help. Although it can feel like it, having a mark such as these on your file doesn’t automatically mean the end of the road when it comes to applying for bad credit car finance. You can still apply for car finance with us, and we can review the application.

Getting car finance with a bad credit history or CCJ is possible with Go Car Credit.

Remember, bad credit car finance is not for everyone, so it’s important to explore all your options.

Can I get car finance with a satisfied CCJ?

When a CCJ is issued against you, it is recorded on your credit file. It remains on your record for six years from the date of issue, even if you have satisfied the judgment. During this time, lenders and credit agencies can see the CCJ when assessing your creditworthiness.

Having a satisfied CCJ on your credit file can make it more difficult for you to obtain credit, as it indicates a history of payment issues and may lower your credit score. Lenders may perceive you as a higher risk borrower and may be less likely to approve your credit applications or offer you favourable terms.

What does discharged mean on a CCJ?

A discharged CCJ is different to a satisfied CCJ. Having a discharged CCJ means that you’re no longer subject to the CCJ as you have paid off your debt within one month. You can apply for this to be removed from your credit file via the courts. If you repay your debt after one month, this is what is described as a satisfied CCJ and will stay on your credit file for 6 years.

Will a satisfied CCJ affect my credit?

Yes, a satisfied County Court Judgment (CCJ) can still have an impact on your credit. While the fact that you have satisfied the CCJ may be viewed positively by lenders and credit agencies, the presence of a CCJ on your credit report can still affect your creditworthiness and ability to obtain credit in the future.

Ways to improve your credit file after a CCJ

Here are some simple ways that could help improve your credit file:

  • Register on the electoral roll: If you’re not registered to vote, you may find it harder to get credit. Go to the government website to register today. This is also one of the quickest things you can action to improve your credit file.
  • Pay your bills on time: By paying bills such as your phone or internet on time you’re letting lenders know you can manage your finances well.
  • Check for fraudulent activity: If you check your credit file and notice something isn’t right, contact your credit reference agency immediately and get your file reviewed.
  • Keep your credit use low: Simply put, your credit use is how much of your available credit limit you use. For example, if you have a credit limit of £1000 on a credit card and you’ve used £500 of that, you’re using half your credit limit.
  • Get into good financial habits: Sign up for a credit agency such as Experian, TransUnion or Equifax and check these regularly. By following any advice they offer, you can work towards improving your credit score. As an added bonus, they tend to offer a free month’s trial to get you started.

It may seem like there is no coming back from a CCJ but there are a number of things you can do to help improve your credit file to demonstrate good money management. By improving your file, you may be able to access lower APR credit options and a whole range of services in the future such as mortgages, mobile phone contracts and other loans.

The most important thing to remember is that improving your file can take time. Making these all-important changes, and sticking to them, shows credit lenders you’re committed to repairing your credit.

How can I make an application for car finance?

Just because you’ve made a financial mistake in the past, doesn’t mean we won’t consider you for car credit with a CCJ. We look at the whole story, as we know there are a number of reasons that someone may have found themselves in financial difficulty.

Although we can’t guarantee you’ll be accepted for poor credit car finance with us, we work hard to try to approve as many applications as possible. Use our car finance eligibility checker to see if you meet our lending criteria. Even if you’ve been refused credit elsewhere, we might be able to approve you.

At Go Car Credit, we specialise in helping those with poor credit, secure a car loan, including those with a CCJ. After the initial review, we’ll talk to you about your circumstances and work out the best solution for you.

As a responsible lender, we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means we follow their strict regulations and only offer what you can afford to repay for the life of your agreement. Want to get an idea as to what your monthly repayments could look like? Why not try our easy-to-use car finance calculator online.

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