Bad Credit Car Finance No Deposit

Are you looking to purchase your new car on finance but do not have a deposit or only have a small deposit available to put down?

Do not worry as we are here to help and we want to make the process easy and stress free so you can drive away your new car as quickly as possible.

With a large purchase such as a car it isn’t always the monthly payments that become the issue, it can be the deposit required that can mean you are unable to get a car on finance also if you have experienced bad credit in the past.

Here at Go Car Credit we can offer finance packages that do not require a deposit. Meaning you could drive away a new car without having to put a hefty amount of money down.



No deposit car finance is the very best way to get your desired car quicker and still keep your monthly payments affordable! No deposit car finance means your monthly payments will be slightly higher but can get you into your new car quicker without the time consuming saving for the deposit.

If you need car finance and you don’t have a deposit, the best thing you can do is complete our online finance application process and talk to one of our friendly advisors about arranging a car loan that is right for you. We do not require a deposit but providing a deposit may help your application. Please click here to apply!

Choice of vehicle is an important part of the car finance application. We would suggest you think about the costs associated with your choice of car such as fuel, insurance, tax, MOT, servicing and maintenance costs as these will all have an influence on the affordability of the vehicle.


What if I can put a deposit down?

Putting down a deposit on your car purchase is always going to be a smart move. Why, because it means that your monthly payments would be lower and your affordability on paper would look better, which would help your car finance application.

Here at Go Car Credit we look at the customers current financial situation to understand whether they are able to afford the car finance and pay it back within the term agreed. Your current circumstances including employment, income and expenditure all have to be taken into consideration before being approved for car finance.

Alternatively it’s not just cash that you can use as a deposit. If you already had a vehicle and just looking to update, you could trade in your existing car and use that as a deposit for their next car purchase.