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Working out whether or not you’ll be eligible for car finance can be complicated – especially as different lenders have different criteria.

Here, we’ll explain a little about car finance eligibility – and answer a few related questions.

If you have any questions regarding car finance eligibility that do not feature here, please get in touch with our sales team who would be happy to help. Call us on 01925 696 373.

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Do you use credit scoring to make your decision?

We do not base our decision on your credit score. We are specialists in bad credit car finance and help people who may have had trouble obtaining finance elsewhere. We do this by looking at your affordability as opposed to credit scoring. We do perform a credit search to review your financial history, but our lending decision is not solely based on this.

Can I get car finance with a provisional licence?

Unfortunately not, we can only provide finance for people who have a full UK driving licence.

What type of cover for car insurance is required?

The vehicle will be required to have fully comprehensive car insurance. This is not included as part of your car finance and will need to be taken out separately. Failure to do so would mean you are in breach of your agreement with us.

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