Frequently Asked Questions for Existing Customers

How do I make payment?
To make a payment login to your My Go Car account.
When is my payment due?
Your payment is due the date that you confirmed when signing your agreement.
Can I change my payment date?
Yes you are able to change your payment date, in line with company policy, as long as it is not your first payment with us. It is your responsibility to notify your bank about your agreed date change for payment as your bank will need to change the date of your standing order.

To change your payment date you will need to call customer service on 01925 696 370 or email us at
What happens if I cannot meet my repayments?
Always keep us informed, we will discuss with you when you can make the payment and arrange a suitable payment plan. Late charges may be applied in these circumstances. Please call us on 01925 696 372
What happens at the end of my agreement?
Once you have paid the total amount on your agreement we will arrange to get the Payment Reminder System removed from your vehicle. We will send a letter out in the post to you regarding the settlement of your account with us and to say thank you for using Go Car Credit. We will send off a request to have the HPI removed from the vehicle. We will also advise you to contact your bank to cancel your standing order.
Why have I not received my code?
There may be a number of reasons why you have not received your code: Incorrect information on your agreement such as mobile number or email address. You have not made a full contractual payment for the month. You may be somewhere with limited signal so there has been trouble with this getting sent to you.
Why have I received a letter of default when I have a payment plan in place?
The reason for this is because when the account falls into arrears a default notice letter will automatically get sent out to you from our arrears list. If you have set up a payment plan with us you will still receive this letter as it is a legal requirement.
Will I receive an account statement?
You will receive a statement on the anniversary of your agreement. If you require one before this you can request one by calling us on 01925 696 370
How much is outstanding on my account?
You can call our customer service department on 01925 696 370 or use our "SEND US A REQUEST" form on the "Contact" page and we will email you back your settlement figure. We will also give you the date the settlement figure is valid until.
Can I settle my loan before the end of the agreement?
Yes you can settle your account before the end of the agreement. We will give you a settlement figure and this is the amount you will need to pay to end your finance agreement with us.
What should I do if I am experiencing issues with the vehicle?
If an issue with your vehicle does arise we want to ensure that it is resolved a quickly as possible. In the first instance we would suggest you speak directly with the dealer you purchased the vehicle from. If you require further assistance, please call or email our Customer Service department.
What should I do if I have been in an accident or the vehicle has been damaged or stolen?
Please tell us as soon as you can if you’ve been in an accident, or the vehicle has been damaged or stolen. Depending on the exact circumstances we will advise you accordingly on what needs to happen next.
Do I need to take out insurance for the vehicle?
Yes, when you sign an agreement with us, you agree that you will insure the vehicle in your name under a fully comprehensive policy.
When will I become the owner of the vehicle?
Once you’ve made the final payment on your agreement, and assuming you’ve paid the total amount payable under the agreement, we will transfer legal ownership of the vehicle to you and confirm the agreement is fully settled.
Can I withdraw from my finance agreement?
You can withdraw from our credit agreement anytime within 14 days, starting the day after you receive a signed copy of your Hire Purchase Agreement. You do not need to provide us with a reason for doing so. You must give us notice, either in writing or verbally, and repay the outstanding balance owed within 30 days of giving notice. The 30 days starts the day after you give us notice. Failure to pay the funds with 30 days will mean you can no longer withdraw from the agreement, however you will still be eligible to repay your loan early which will save you money. Please note that you are only able to withdraw from the finance agreement, and will need to find the funds necessary to purchase your car via another method.
Can I return my car if I withdraw from my finance agreement?
No, the right to withdraw from your finance agreement does not mean you can return the car to us. Please remember that the decision to buy your car from an approved dealer and the decision to finance your car purchase with us are two separate decisions to two different firms.