6 things to look out for with your car in a heatwave

6 things to look out for with your car in a heatwave

Heat can cause tyres to expand, and as a result they’re more likely to get punctures due to being underinflated. The average cost for this repair is currently around £25.

If your car has leather seating; it can split when exposed to heat for a prolonged period (so park in the shade if you can!) but upholstery can be damaged in the sun too.

The average cost for this repair is £325 however this is for one seat, so it can go into the thousands (around £1250) if all the seats in the car require repair.

Prolonged exposure to the heat can have a detrimental effect on paint, causing it to crack.

The average cost to have paintwork repaired is around £400, but can go up to around £2400 if your car requires a full respray.

The fluid inside the car battery can harden during a heatwave, this can corrode and ultimately breakdown the battery.

The average cost for a replacement battery is between £100-£150 for most cars.

Heat can cause your car oil to thin which can in turn cause damage to your engine.

The average cost for an oil change is £100.

Brake pads are at risk in the heat too, as brake fluid can potentially boil causing potential long term problems and damage.

The average cost of getting brake fluid changed can be around £35.Heat wave car costs

Hayley O’Connor from Go Car Credit says that, “Whilst we all appreciate the heat sometimes, when it gets too hot, there can be unexpected damage to your car which you may not have prepared for. It also means that you could end up with a hefty bill, which isn’t what anybody needs especially in the current cost-of-living crisis. Being aware in advance of these things can help you think about keeping your car in the shade and away from potential damage, potentially causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.”