How to get the best deal on breakdown cover

How to get the best deal on breakdown cover

Do you have breakdown cover and automatically renew it when you come to the end of your agreement? Could you find breakdown cover cheaper elsewhere? Are you frustrated the way companies give the best deals for new customers rather than rewarding their loyal customers?

Breakdown cover is the best way to ensure that your car stays on the road. Take a look below for some tips on how to get the right breakdown cover for you at the best price. Your choice for breakdown cover is ever expanding as there are a growing number of providers. Majority of products offer the same benefits with standardised features but there can be a few subtle differences that affect the price you pay for your cover and what you are actually getting included.

Should you pay the price they are advertising?

Haggling success rates are high when it comes to breakdown cover say Money Saving Expert. The below results are from a poll they took in November 2015.

ProviderNumber of ResponsesSuccessFail
AA Breakdown55684%16%
Green Flag5569%31%

Money Saving Expert give some great examples of how customers have haggled on price for their breakdown cover and been successful. Because what the worst that can happen they say no, always worth a go.

My wife got 25% off our breakdown cover with the RAC after calling to ask for a discount initially it offered to knock off 20% and after telling the phone operator we were a bit tight for money, we go another 5% discount.

AA renewal came in at almost £200, final cost around £120, same price as new customers. Always haggle!

Just this morning got twenty quid knocked off my renewal and onward travel added onto my RAC policy. Always worth a try.

Do you need the full cover if you have a new car?

If you have new car which is modern and reliable you may not need to get the most comprehensive cover as you are likely just to use it as back up rather than for breakdowns.

There are 3 main UK cover types:

Basic Cover: It typically means your car will be fixed at the roadside or towed to a local garage. But it won’t usually cover you if you breakdown close to your home.

Home Start: In addition to basic cover, you will be covered for a problem if your car won’t start at home.
Onward Travel: If your car is kept in a garage for repairs, this generally means you’ll get a hire car for up to three days, plus a night’s accommodation. It also covers costs if you need to continue by public transport.

Are you covering the car or the driver?

You can either cover the car you are in or you can take out personal cover which protects you no matter what car you’re driving. Buying personal cover is typically more expensive so only go for this if you think you will actually use it.

Are you covered to drive outside the UK?

If you’re planning to go regularly to Europe, consider taking out an annual breakdown policy with European cover. If you’ll only need it for a few days a year, a cheap UK policy which you can upgrade to cover Europe when you need it, may be better. Do not forget to arrange travel insurance and notify your car insurer to get that extra protection whilst you are travelling in Europe.