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Rates from 29.7% APR
40.9% Representative APR -
Subject to status and affordability

Bad Credit Automatic Car Finance

If you have bad credit and looking to finance an automatic car, we could help!

We do provide hire purchase finance for automatic cars and have access to a variety of models from across our approved dealer network.

We understand that you may just prefer the simplicity of driving an automatic car, have an automatic only UK driving licence so cannot currently drive a manual, or have always driven in an automatic and looking to get your next car on finance.

We have provided some information below if you have always owned a manual car and are exploring the option to choose an automatic as an alternative driving experience, or you are looking for your next car with an automatic only UK driving licence.

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Representative example – Total amount of credit £9,000, annual interest rate 21.75% (fixed), charge for credit £10,092.32 (£9,787.32 interest, £295 admin fee and £10 option to purchase fee), total amount payable £19,092.32. Loan term of 60 monthly instalments, 59 payments of £318.04 and 1 final instalment of £328.04. 40.9% Representative APR – Subject to status and affordability

What is an automatic car?

An automatic car has an automatic gearbox (transmission) which doesn’t require you to manually shift gears.

The gearbox uses sensors to analyse road and speed conditions to switch gears on its own as the car moves, which eliminates the use of a gear stick to do so.

You can easily tell the difference between an automatic car as it has two pedals compared to a manual car which has the clutch as the third pedal.

Automatic cars usually only have four gear modes: Park, reverse, Neutral and Drive.

Why does an automatic car cost more than a manual car?

This is simply due to specialist (low) demand from the number of drivers who want to buy an automatic car over those who want to buy the manual version of the car.

Automatic cars may hold more value than the manual equivalents when it is time to sell and upgrade to a new car.

What are the benefits of having an automatic car?

You may find driving an automatic car is easier than a manual car due to it having a reduced number of gear modes and the ability to stop or start using only one pedal.

You don’t have to change gears manually, as an automatic car does this on its own.

You don’t have to worry about clutch control.

In the past automatic cars were less efficient in fuel but depending on the make and model they are becoming more economical for fuel consumption.

Automatic cars are found to be faster than most manual versions.

Easier to use during traffic jams due to pushing one pedal to stop and start.

What are the disadvantages of having an automatic car?<

Automatic cars may cost more to buy than a manual car.

Automatic cars may cost more to repair than a manual car.

Who can we offer car finance to?

We can offer car finance to those who have been refused by other lenders due to a number of reasons, including:

  • Bad Credit: We are bad credit car finance specialists who will do our very best to get you approved.
  • Unemployment: We can include your benefits as income when making our decision, but you must receive DLA or PIP.
  • IVA: If you are in an unsettled individual voluntary arrangement, we will need written confirmation that your insolvency practitioner to approve you of getting more finance commitments.
  • Discharged Bankruptcy: We cannot help if you are in an active bankruptcy, but if it has been discharged, you are welcome to apply.
  • Outstanding CCJ: We can still review your application and make a decision for car finance with us even if you have an outstanding county court judgement.

Why choose go car credit?

  • Reviews: Don’t just take our word for it as we are rated Excellent on Trustpilot by our customers, have a look at the testimonials to see how we have helped others who were declined by other lender.
  • Direct Lender: We are not a broker or comparison website, your application is reviewed, and your car loan financed by us.
  • Criteria: We have a much broader lending criteria than most other loan providers, who may reject your application due to your circumstances.
  • No Deposit: We do not require a deposit for your car, but if you can provide one or a part-exchange on your old vehicle it will mean your monthly repayments are reduced.
  • Application Process: There is no need to create a login or download any apps as it is done online instead. We have made the process as uncomplicated as possible and always communicate in terms you can understand.

How to Apply

  • Apply: Use our short application form, and you will receive a link to your application tracker, so you can check easily check your progress.
  • Decision: Our underwriting team will review your application individually based on your current circumstances not just your credit profile. Once approved you will receive a credit limit for your car.
  • Choose Car: Now we can help you choose the ideal automatic car that suits you and your monthly budget.
  • E-Sign: You can now sign the final documents online and drive away.
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