Go Car Credit Reveals the UK’s Unluckiest Drivers

Go Car Credit Reveals the UK’s Unluckiest Drivers

Everyone knows that some drivers are involved in more accidents than others, but can the type of car you drive predict how likely someone is to be involved in an accident?

As bad credit car finance specialists, we were interested in anything to do with driving, and decided to launch a new survey to quiz motorists on their history of road traffic accidents, seeking to reveal the type of drivers that are most ‘unlucky’ when on the roads.

The data has allowed us to see whether the drivers who own a certain brand, colour, or type of car are involved in accidents more regularly than any other type.

The survey revealed that the average driver has been involved in 1.5 accidents whilst on the roads, yet certain types of motorists are much more likely to have been involved in a higher number of accidents whilst driving…


Porsche owners are the ‘unluckiest’

It turns out that Porsche drivers are the unluckiest in the country, as owners of the German car brand have been involved in double the number of accidents of the nearest brand.

The data found that the average Porsche driver has been involved in 6.0 road traffic accidents in their lifetime, more than three times the national average of 1.5 accidents.

The next unluckiest car owners are those that drive a Lexus, who have been involved in 3.0 accidents on average.


It Was All Yellow

One might think that a yellow car would be easily spotted by fellow motorists, but drivers of yellow cars are actually involved in accidents more frequently than drivers of any other colour car, with motorists having had an average of 2.5 accidents whilst on the road.

One in five drivers of yellow cars (19%) have had at least SIX accidents whilst driving, over three times the national average.


Unlucky in Liverpool

Drivers on Merseyside are the unluckiest in the UK, as Liverpudlians and those from Sheffield have had an average of 2.0 accidents in their time, a higher rate than any other cities in the country.

Some in Liverpool are particularly unlucky, as 6% of drivers from the city have had ten or more accidents.

Glasgow is the luckiest city in the country, as Glaswegians have had just 1.0 accident on average whilst driving.



It is interesting to see data on the luckiest drivers in the country, but the fact remains that any driver can have an accident, and drivers should always remain vigilant.

Driving is a luxury that not all of us can enjoy, with bad credit one potential barrier to driving on the roads. Our bad credit car finance can help though and has allowed those with poor credit to get up and running on the roads.

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