Payment Reminder System

Our payment reminder system is designed to allow you to stay in control of your agreement and also help to remind you when your repayments are overdue – that way you can stay on track with your agreement and rebuild your credit score.

The system is there to help you keep your repayments up to date. It works by installing the reminder system in your newly purchased car which is not visible in any way.

As long as your account is up to date you don’t need to do anything. Ensuring full payment is made on time each month means the system will work continuously and you will not even notice it is there. If you fail to make payment on time and in full we’ll attempt to contact you to discuss your account. If we are unable to contact you, and if you don’t make contact with us when prompted, the system will emit a warning alert (this will be audible).

The warning alert will ring for approximately 30 seconds when starting the vehicle. While the warning alert sounds the vehicle will continue to operate as normal.

Once the alert sounds it is really important that you contact us. If you fail to do so, or we are unable to work together to bring your account back up to date, we may issue a Default Notice (a regulatory requirement). We may also issue a Notice of Termination could which will bring the agreement to an end. This can have significant consequences, including repossession of the vehicle.

We have dedicated teams of advisors who can help you with any issues you may be having with your agreement and your repayments. Our friendly advisors are there to support you. If you make contact with us early, it can help to prevent future problems with your agreement. We can also direct you to other free support services, if you require.

Following continued non-payment, if we issue a Notice of Termination and we intend to repossess the vehicle, we may use the system to safely immobilise the vehicle while it is stationary and not in use. Immobilisation will only occur when we intend to repossess the vehicle and we have been unable to contact you or agree a resolution with you.

This is why we would really encourage you to contact us whenever you have, or feel you may have problems in making payments on you agreement. We want to help.

For more information on your Payment Reminder System please view the video.