Payment Reminder System No Remote

The payment reminder system is there purely to help you keep your repayments up to date and it does not affect your car. It works by placing a small discreet black box in your newly purchased car that is not visible in any way. Your Payment Reminder System will be fitted by an automotive specialist before you drive away your new car.

As long as your account is up to date you don’t need to do anything. Ensuring your full payment is made on time each month means the device will work continuously and you will not even notice it is there.

Putting you in control of your Go Car Credit motoring experience.

We will always contact you before immobilising your vehicle due to non-payment so you have the opportunity to make payment before your vehicle is immobilised. It is really important to keep your contact details up to date.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please get in contact as soon as you can to avoid immobilisation of your vehicle.

The Payment Reminder System will emit a warning tone the day after any payment has been missed. The warning rings for approximately 30 seconds when turning the vehicle ignition on.

For more information on your Payment Reminder System please view the video.