Additional Day Request

If your vehicle has been immobilised and you require an additional day to get you moving again please complete the below information. Please ensure you enter the vehicle registration and mobile number that a confirmation text is sent to. Failure to enter these details correctly will mean your request will not be processed.

  • If you have a personalised number plate and we do not have a record of it, please use the Registration of the vehicle when it was purchased.

  • Please enter all letters as capitals with no spaces.
  • Please enter a valid 11 digit number with no spaces.

Once you have completed the above information please wait 5 to 10 minutes and turn on your ignition. If you are still unable to restart your vehicle after a second attempt please call us on 01925 696 370.

Please note that additional day request will last for 24 hours. In order to get you back on the road please make arrangements to bring your account up to date. You can make a quick and easy payment via our online payment portal.

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