Renew With Us

As an ethical and responsible lender we want to continue to reward our loyal customers who have shown strong payment history, and we understand that a customer’s circumstances change, you may need to update your vehicle; a lower mileage car, a newer model or change of situation means you need a bigger car.

We want to reward our loyal customers, continue to build long term relationships and to work alongside you to repair and rebuild your credit rating to get back on road to better credit. Apply via our online application form below and one of our sales agents will be in touch shortly.

PLEASE NOTE: Before making your application for finance we would recommend that you obtain a settlement figure for your current agreement. This settlement figure must be repaid in full prior to taking out a new finance agreement with us. We are unable to add any existing finance into a new agreement. To obtain a settlement figure please call our customer services team on 02393 760 238

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