The ‘Black Box’


Have you heard about the ‘Black Box’ and not sure what it is? Does this put you off getting car finance? This article is to help explain the purpose of the device and how it can help you on the road to re-establishing your credit.

The ‘Black Box’ can be seen as something negative but this can be due to not understanding its real purpose. The system is fitted into all of the cars we finance is called a Payment Reminder System (PRS). The Payment Reminder System helps remind you when your repayments are due so you can ensure you stay on track with your loan and help repair and re-establish your credit.

The Payment Reminder System (black box) is there purely to help you keep your repayments up to date and it does not affect your car. It works by placing a small discreet black box in your newly purchased car that is not visible in any way. Your Payment Reminder System will be fitted by an automotive specialist before you drive away your new car.

The device is only there to help you keep your repayments up to date, it doesn’t affect your car nor does it monitor the way you drive. All devices are fitted by a specialist and then removed by them once your finance agreement has been paid in full.

Here at Go Car Credit we look at people differently and we believe that by using the Payment Reminder System for people with impaired credit is a good thing as it allows all our customers to get a car to help them with day-to-day errands and the daily commute. If you’re considering car finance you can call us on 01925 696 373 and our specialists team can take you through the process.

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