Payment Reminder System Remote

Once a Payment Reminder System is fitted, initial activation pay and set codes are generated and sent automatically to the device. Your vehicle will run continuously as long as you maintain your payments and the device receives a code (either automatically or manually using the remote keypad).

PLEASE NOTE: For vehicles where the PRS code is sent to the device, your device will only receive the code successfully if you are in an area with signal. If you are in an area with limited signal you may need to request a code and manually input this into your device via the remote.

The device will play a number of different tones for different reasons:

Ringing: Your payment is now overdue
Siren: Your code will run out within 24hrs.
Short beep on start: Your car battery is too low and needs to be recharged for the device to work.

Should you ever need a code in an emergency simply enter clear, time, 999999 into the device and your device will activate for a further 24hrs, giving you time to contact us to resolve any issues.

PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to check and replace the battery of the device. Failure to do so may result in the device not being able to accept a payment code we have sent you. If the red light on the end of the remote is flickering, or is not lit when you hold down a button, the battery will need replacing. Device is fitted with CR2025 batteries.

For more information on your Payment Reminder System please view the video.